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Szczegóły o  LENZKIRCH VIENNA REGULATOR WALL CLOCK-Very Early and rare example


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GBP 1 275,00
Około 7 182,13 zł(z wysyłką)
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Lokalizacja przedmiotu:
Sheffield, Wielka Brytania
Wysyłka do:
Cały świat
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  It is a pleasure to offer a very fine and early Vienna type wall clock of the finest quality and although one of their earliest, and therefore unsigned ,models it is undoubtedly made by the Lenzkirch clock company and the serial number of 51940 dates from 1853.

  Spring driven clocks of this quality are,(and always have been ),very very rare and such examples appear on the open market seldomly.

  The overall design,proportions and quality are outstanding making this clock much more desirable that the run of the mill clocks that are commonly seen and this can be exemplified by the gesso decoration above the dial and the cross banded veneer down the sides of the case.The pierced and carved top compliments the case perfectly

The 8 day duration movement is  of top quality with solid plates and pinions ,not the usual pressed out rubbish.The experts amongst you will recognise the early hands,huge mounting bracket,single screw bridge and pendulum to be the work of  Lenzkirch.A nice touch is that the serial number is also stamped into the zinc dial plate.

  The rosewood case has developed a lovely patina with very dark areas contrasting with faded areas to give a stunning overall effect The clock is total of 35 1/2 inches long,10 1/2 wide and 5 1/2 inches deep.The dial is 6 1/2 inches in diameter.

    There is no wood worm in this clock 

  The overall condition is excellent and untouched.The polish and finish are superb but as with all antiques there is the odd age related mark.

The images of this clock will show you all you need to know and I will be delighted to answer any  questions from serious parties. 


 Please note that this is not a modern reproduction .I describe my clocks accurately and welcome any expert inspection whatsoever.There are too many new clocks being sold on Ebay as genuine and too many people eager to snap up a "bargain".May I suggest that if you do not have the knowledge to spot a fake then please find someone who can.I offer a full money back guarantee that this clock is genuine and old and is not a marriage.Genuine clocks may cost a little more money but,like most things in life,you generally get what you pay for.I welcome any professional inspection whatsoever and of course prospective buyers are very welcome to view the clock.

   I will ship this clock worldwide and take great care in packing well.

  If the but it now price is paid in full I will fully restore the movement,clean the bezel and pendulum  etc (whatever the client requires) and deliver and set up the clock with a full 12 months guarantee.For foreign clients I offer free shipping to Europe and the USA (half price to Asia and Australia)in lieu of free delivery under these circumstances. 

  Lesser offers will be considered a trade sale with the clock sold as described with shipping the responsibility of the buyer

  Alternative means of payment are requested if at all possible

  Guesstimate shipping rates are as follows :

USA £70

Europe £45

Asia and Australia £130







All good must be paid for in full prior to shipping. Domestic buyers are asked to use alternative methods of payment to Pay Pal if at all possible Wire transfers are welcomed from all countries.

All goods will be shipped within five days of payment. Collection is available by prior arrangement All goods paid using Pay pal will only be shipped to the pay pal confirmed address All goods will be shipped by courier ie UPS,DHL,Fed Ex or similar and will be tracked and signed for.I will not ship unless it is tracked and signed for. If you wish to use your own courier I will do all I can to assist. I only charge actual costs incurred for shipping BUT I will use a large box with plenty of packing to avoid damage and this will make shipping (particulary to foreign countries) a little more expensive due to volumetric weight. Custom made boxes,bubble wrap and peanuts all cost money and the cost of these materials will be added to the cost of shipping.For example a Vienna wall clock costs me £15 in materials.I do not charge for my time for packing. Every care will be taken when packing but no liability will be accepted for damage by the couriers and it must be remembered that it is virtually impossible to guarrantee 100 percent that a peice of glass may not be damaged on the odd occasion. Insurance is a difficult and expensive area with respect to antiques and usually has a low ceiling that is why I use recognised tracked and signed for couriers and do not insure seperately.If you wish to seperately insure your item I will do all I can to assist but the responsibility to arrange the said insurance is with the buyer

It is requested that all buyers contact me within 24 hours and pay in full within 7 days unless a prior arrangement is made Please do not agree to buy something unless you intend to pay. Goods will not be despatched unless paid for in full. If you see a listing when you are financially indisposed the speak to me as we can probably arrange something to our mutual satisfaction. I have no intention whatsoever rip my customers off and I ask that any buyers afford me the same courtesy. Reputations take a lifetime to build and can be lost overnight. I want my customers to be happy and return time and time again so if you are dissatisfied in any way please get in touch.

I am an established purveyor of fine antique clocks and barometers with over 25 years experience dealing primarily with the trade and serious collectors who seek quality items on original condition. Customer satisfaction is paramount and I endeavour to be as honest and straighforward as possible in both my descriptions and the way business is conducted. Over the years I have supplied many of the top retail dealers in the world and have been involved in collectors finding those allusive additions to their collections. I have been reluctent to get involved with the modern world of E commerce dealing but it is obviously the way forward and I feel there are opportunities for someone who conducts their business with integrity. I also undertake commissions to sell and purchase clocks and barometers on behalf of clients on a percentage basis.Confidentiality is asssured. I also have worldwide contacts who have access to the finest items of a quality which do not appear on E bay and if you are looking for a particular item the please get in touch as I may well be able to help.All I ask is not to waste my time as I most certainly wont waste yours. Should you find one of my items when you are financially indisposed then please get in touch as I am sure that we can make a mutually beneficial agreement.

If you have any queries then please email me at steammill@clocks17.freeserve.co.uk I may also be contacted 7 days a week between 10am and 10pm on 07860126089 International callers please dial 0044 7860 126089

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Lokalizacja przedmiotu: Sheffield, Wielka Brytania
Wysyłka do: Cały świat
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