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Sale! Sale! Sale!

ALL mirror suits at a great price!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

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Black Mechanical Feather Wings/ Lucifer cosplay wings/ Devil Raven Angel costume17 160,79 zł
Disco Ball Suit Silver Mirror Man Performance Costume / festival clothing 7 836,74 zł
Sequin Silver Mirror man Suit "Cat" with mirror cat's head and tail / Mirror cat6 883,09 zł
Cosplay Falcon mechanical wings costume / cosplay Captain America wings costume15 525,25 zł
Large wings/ Pixel Fairy Cosplay Angel Wings costume with 200 LEDs/festival suit1 776,00 zł
LED mask / light up helmet with horns / LED comix cosplay mask programmable 9 860,00 zł
Large White wings/ LED Mechanical Feather Angel Wings/ Devil Raven Angel Cosplay16 937,00 zł
Rave LED Dress Outfit with a Light Up Belt / festival luminous dance light dress5 799,00 zł
Silver Mirror Sexy Jumpsuit / festival costume / rave bodysuit / stage performan3 399,55 zł
Air screen 3D LED logo outfit / LED accessory / logo picture hologram costume8 132,00 zł
LED Screen logo Glasses / LED mask / cosplay costume2 431,07 zł
LED light up white EVA dress festival clothing LED white dress6 799,09 zł
Cosplay silver Mirror ButterFly Wings costume / sequin butterfly wings for adult7 411,80 zł
Pink Mirror man costume with mirror hat / disco ball broken mirror man costume9 012,75 zł
LED Glowing Flower Dress Costume / luminous dress /light up festival dance dress20 402,21 zł
Rave LED light up rainbow one-shoulder dress outfit / fashion festival costume10 475,34 zł
LED Cosplay White Angel Wings costume / Cosplay costume / LED angel wings1 882,60 zł
Full Head Bunny Mask Halloween Silver Mirror Rave Party Outfit2 337,19 zł
Giant Human-Sized LED Dodecahedron dance floor / LED decoration / LED decor24 725,76 zł
Rave LED Screen Mask /Carnival rainbow cosplay mask / High-density Light up mask2 994,37 zł
Big Cosplay White Angel Wings costume / static white angel wings for festival1 269,89 zł
Festival wear Glitter silver pole dancing sparkly mirror shoes805,42 zł
Silver Face Mask with Feathers / glitter disco rave mask for party and festival795,53 zł
Squid Game Soldier costume LED Mask / animation Cosplay LED light up face mask3 577,43 zł
Yellow and blue Mirror Man costume with broken mirror tiles / broken glass costu10 411,11 zł
LED Face Mask with Black Lava and Сracked Mirror Effect /halloween light up mask746,12 zł
LED Helmet Scrolling Text/ Light up Screen Face Mask / halloween LED Rave Outfit4 002,37 zł
LED light Up Umbrella / LED artist's accessory / festival costume / cosplay suit2 495,31 zł
LED belly dance Veil with 286 LEDs / Belly Dance Costume / glowing Isis Shawl1 961,66 zł
Skull Silver mirror mask/ mens masquerade rave full head edm mask2 584,00 zł
Mirror Mermaid lady glass lady animation costume dress - Square style9 403,10 zł
Gold mirror costume Lady Gaga Style with Gold Mirror Crown / cosplay costume 10 920,05 zł
Black Angel Cosplay Wings costume / Devil cosplay suit / Lucifer large wings1 413,18 zł
LED champagne table dress With LED Belt / light up strolling table dress 11 863,82 zł
Cosplay White Angel Wings costume / big angel wings costume for halloween party1 264,95 zł
Gold mirror dance bodysuit /Green sexy sequin mirror costume / festival clothing1 482,36 zł
LED Light Up EVA Dress with a Choker with a Plastic Base / rave festival dress5 889,91 zł
Cosplay Red Angel Wings costume / big adult raven wings suit for halloween party1 418,12 zł
Gold Mirror Bodysuit with chains / sexy sequin bodysuit for artisis and parties1 136,48 zł
LED Burlesque Fans with Ostrich Feathers / light up festival accessories / wings4 526,14 zł
Pink mirror kitty sexy costume "Circle" style / mirror costume / cosplay suit /4 550,84 zł
High-density 3D LED Cube with 16k LEDs / night club party LED light decoration 18 707,38 zł
Silver mirror jacket / glass man performance costume3 261,19 zł
Little LED Mirror Butterfly Wings with 944 LEDs / cosplay wings / festival cloth16 335,00 zł
Small Infinity Mirror LED Dodecahedron / light up party decoration / club decor2 979,54 zł
Silver Mirror Angel Wings / angel cosplay costume / adult wings angel costume7 298,15 zł
LED dress on mirrored plastic /rave festival costume clothing /light up rainbow 10 000,99 zł
LED flyboard suit model ALGA / waterproof LED costume for artist's performances13 835,36 zł

O Sklepie

We (Siarhei Vaitovich and Marina Goretskaya) are making LEDs and mirror suits for artists and dancers! We have been making our LED suit for our own performances for some time and finally realized this was something we both really enjoy doing! And after that, we decided to share this pleasure with you!

LED costumes and accessories, LED belly dance wings, Mirror Man costumes, Equipment for professional shows and entertainment groups. Wholesale and work on individual projects. Computer system of controling the suits and contro programsl. Instructions for production and reviews, technical documentation and much more.

We are constantly improving our products and come up with new LED suits for you! Our costumes are ideal for dancers, gymnasts, acrobats. Also, mirror suits are purchased for living statues, and waterproof suits for flyboard, and much more!

~With love Siarhei and Marina~
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