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Behind The Stable Door

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Welcome to our Behind The Stable Door Story!

We are a Social Farm that recycles cardboard into Ecoshred Bed which has multiple Benefits:

We create the most environmentally friendly, compostable product we can. Our compost makes great plant feed and can compost along with our packaging.

By choosing Ecoshred Bed you are keeping waste out of landfill, our packaging waste is high quality and deserves a new life as it makes superior animal bedding to using raw materials,

We keep our milage and footprint to a minimum, keeping our greenhouse gas emissions low

Choosing Ecoshred has huge Social Benefits:

Our bedding is made by people with an identified social need, It creates inclusion in the workplace and a space for others to have meaningful employment and educational opportunities:

For an ethically made animal bed
The only choice is Ecoshred ☑️
Your pet will have the ultimate bed head 💤
Lessen the Greenhouse gas spread ♻️
And contribute to a workplace that is socially led 🤝
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Nazwa firmy: Behind The Stable DoorAdres: 40 Kylestone Road, BT19 6FJ Bangor, Wielka Brytania

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Very fast and as always perfect for my rats, thank you again 😊
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great ebayer
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A++++++++++++as always
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Great thank you
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What i wanted
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Very happy